The colour yellow is the lightest and brightest of all the colours. It is associated with happiness and optimism.

The colour yellow has been used in many cultures to symbolize happiness, hope, and joy. In Western culture, it is often associated with optimism and happiness because of its connection with the sun.

In other cultures, such as Eastern cultures, it is seen as a sign of wisdom or enlightenment. The sunflower is a symbol of happiness. It brings cheerfulness and is often used to decorate rooms for celebrations.

The sunflower has been around for centuries, but it wasn't until the 1800s that it became a symbol of happiness. This is because the sunflower's bright yellow petals resemble the happy expression on people's faces when they are smiling.

The bright sunflowers in your garden can bring some cheerfulness and happiness into your life. If you want to create an inviting space, consider planting some in your backyard or garden! Here is a beautiful poem I share with you.

Hello! Sun by Concepcion Gurieza Macuto

Hello sun! I am sunflower that enjoys your brightness
Sway and smile everyday with gladness
Never worrying what others had mellow
Other nature’s plea for dew drops to show

God created me differently from other flower
My beauty has no fragrance like jasmine
Yet I stood tall in the hotness of struggles to gather
And I give my smile, graces anytime

I wear my yellow petals with deference; I am a garland to anyone
Mark their embraces, live as a remembrance of love by someone
I mellow and dances with the rain
To last, cease no hope for tomorrow’s life to gain

God is wise, smart yet kind
Created me unlikely from everyone
And give a luscious beauty that last to someone
Even I mellow color like yellow
Am still the sunflower that lives and say my “hello”


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